How to apply boat canvas waterproofing

Waterproofing boat canvas

Waterproofing boat canvas is an art in itself. Sure, you need a great waterproofing product. But, application technique counts for a lot. Be sure to read the instructions before you begin.

Some waterproofers contain products that require the canvas to be wet before proceeding. Other waterproofing products must be applied dry. Some require 2 to 3 coats. Drying time and exposure to rain may also differ from one product to another. Although Chic Waterproofing does not have an odor, be sure to work outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

Here is the application technique for Chic Marine waterproofing:

Washing the canvas

Obviously, the canvas must be clean and dry before applying waterproofing. Wash the canvas with a mild soap, rinse thoroughly and dry completely. The canvas must be free of stains, dust or pollen.

Positioning the canvas

Lay the canvas on a plastic sheet on the floor. Cover the windows with plastic. It is also possible to lay the cloths on a clothesline.


Ideally, use a garden sprayer. This tool allows you to apply the product evenly and quickly. You can also use a simple bottle with a manual sprayer. However, this will require a lot of hand work! You will also need a clean cloth or an old brush to penetrate the product (will not be reusable).

Applying the 1st coat

Apply the first coat. Pump the garden sprayer and start spraying until the fabric is moistened. Then, rub the product in with the cloth or brush. This technique allows the product to penetrate the fine fibers of the fabric and ensure a lasting seal. Let dry for 1 hour.

Application of the 2nd coat

Now repeat the spraying. For the second coat, it is not necessary to use a cloth or brush. Let dry 12 hours before exposing to the elements.


To waterproof seams or zippers, rub candle wax on them!