How to clean leather and vinyl boat seats

Cleaning and protecting boat seats

Regular maintenance of your boat's seats is important. First, it's nice to sit on clean, smooth and shiny seats. Secondly, impeccable seats will increase your chances of selling quickly if the time comes to sell! Indeed, buyers tend to evaluate the overall condition of a boat based on first impressions. Shiny, crack-free seats will send a signal that you are taking good care of your boat.

Leather and vinyl seat cleaner

Always use a specialized product for leather and vinyl. These products contain only products that are good for leather and vinyl and have been laboratory tested on thousands of surfaces!

Using a leather and vinyl brush

Chic Marine offers a unique brush on the market specially designed for leather and vinyl. It is soft, non-abrasive and cleans thoroughly without wearing the surface. It does an incredible job when combined with the Chic Marine boat seats cleaner. Avoid using the Magic Eraser on seats at all costs. Be sure to check out our article on the risks of magic eraser.

Leather and vinyl protective conditioner

It is essential to regularly treat leather and vinyl seats to preserve the beauty and flexibility of the material. Chic Marine boat seats conditioner is made of natural products such as lanolin and coconut oil. In addition, the product contains a UV protector and an anti-mildew agent.

The conditioner moisturizes and ensures the flexibility of leather and vinyl. It also seals the surface for easy future cleaning. It also acts as a protector by blocking UV rays. This prevents the leather and vinyl from drying out. Finally, the anti-mildew agent protects against the growth of mildew.

Leather and vinyl treatment

1. Spray the cleaner on the surface and rub gently with the nanofiber brush. Wipe with a damp cloth. It is not necessary to clean before each application of the conditioner. Clean only as needed.

2. Pour a few drops of the conditioner on the leather or vinyl and gently rub in with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Do not hesitate to treat the seats before the arrival of your visitors. This will facilitate the cleaning after their departure!