How to remove scratches & restore plastic window

Restoring Plastic Mica Windows

Over time, plastic windows are worn down by friction, wind and sun. Often due to careless storage, scratches appear. The wind brings sand and the sun's uv rays burn the plastic. Fortunately, there are ways to give your plastic windows a second life.

Types of wear and tear

1. Scratches

Often caused by careless storage. Always roll up your sheets individually when storing them at the end of the season. Do the same when storing in the boat. Avoid overlapping zippers.

2. Sunburn

The sun's rays are indeed harsh on plastics and various polymers. Repel burns by cleaning plastics with a specialized product that contains a UV protectant.

Removing Scratches

1. Get Chic Marine Plastic Window Restoration Cream

2. Put a few drops on a clean microfiber and apply the product in the direction of the scratches. Let dry for 5 minutes. Pour a few more drops on the microfiber and rub in the direction of the scratches. Let dry for 10 minutes. Finish with a manual polishing.

3. In the case of several micro-scratches, use the Chic Marine drill polishing ball. Apply the product manually on the plastic and polish at low speed with the polishing ball. Finish with a hand buff with a clean microfiber.

Removing a burn on plastic

1. In the case of a burn, use the Chic Marine polishing ball immediately.

2. Spread the cream on the burned area and start polishing with the ball at low speed. Slowly increase the speed. Wipe off and repeat as needed.

3. Once satisfied, wipe properly and begin treating with Chic Marine Plastic Window Cleaner.

Why use a plastic cleaner?

A plastic cleaner contains mild, non-corrosive products. Also, the Chic Marine cleaner contains a UV protector, an anti-fog and an anti-static. Anti-static repels pollen and other pollutants that stick to the surface and can cause scratches when stored.

Avoid traditional window cleaners. These products often contain corrosive products such as ammonia that dry out the plastic.