How to repair boat gelcoat scratch

Repairing a gelcoat chip

Repairing a crack or chip in gelcoat is a necessity and a priority. Prolonged exposure of the fiberglass or wood could cause major problems such as water infiltration, osmosis and delamination. Since this is a simple repair to do, why not do it yourself!

First of all, here is what you need:

  • A gelcoat repair kit
  • A Dremel-type rotary tool
  • Polishing equipment such as foam pads and an electric polisher

Chic Marine's white gelcoat repair kit contains a 237ml container of semi-liquid white gelcoat, a tint to create an off-white, a hardener, a container of acetone, a plastic glove, a spatula, a mixing cup and two grains of sandpaper.

Preparing the crack or chip

Use the Dremel to perform this task. Run on low speed and lightly dig into the walls of the chip. The goal is to make sure there are no pieces left that could come loose or crack. Finish with a quick swipe of sandpaper and clean up with acetone.
    Preparation of the gelcoat

    Open the gelcoat container and pour some of it into the cup. Add 3 to 4 drops of hardener and mix with the wooden stick.

    Applying the gel coat

    Use the spatula to apply a first coat to the chip. Apply in the direction of the chip. Wait 10 minutes and apply a 2nd coat. Apply a 3rd coat if needed. Stir the gel coat a few times to prevent it from hardening. Let the repair dry for a minimum of 2 hours.


    Sand with the coarse grit paper and move to the fine grit paper. Continue until you have a perfect finish.


    Use your polisher to shine and apply a wax.

    The repair is complete and your boat's hull is watertight again!

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