Canvas Cover Waterproofing

High efficiency waterproofing agent for all types and colors of canvas. Easy to apply and odorless. Maride grade cover and tarp waterproof. The 25 fl oz (750ml) bottle cover up to 60 sq ft. The 64 fl oz (2 litres) container cover up to 175 sq ft. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

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Boat Canvas Waterproofing Treatment

Introducing Chic Marine's Boat Canvas Waterproofing Treatment – your trusted solution for enhancing the longevity and durability of your boat cover. Experience superior protection against the elements with our advanced formula, specifically designed to keep your boat cover waterproof, resilient, and ready to face any weather condition.

Boat covers are your first line of defense against rain, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Our Boat Canvas Waterproofing Treatment ensures that your cover remains impenetrable, preventing water from seeping through and causing potential damage. Say goodbye to worries about mold, mildew, and rot – our treatment safeguards your investment.

Terms like "best boat cover waterproofing," "marine fabric protection," and "water repellent treatment for boat covers" perfectly encapsulate our product's benefits. By infusing the fabric with a waterproof barrier, our treatment repels water effectively, making it bead up and roll off the surface. This prevents moisture-related issues and extends the life of your boat cover.

Applying our Boat Canvas Waterproofing Treatment is a breeze. Just follow our straightforward instructions, and in no time, your boat cover will be fortified against the harshest elements. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a proud boat owner, ensuring your boat cover's resilience is crucial, and Chic Marine has you covered.

Our brand stands for quality and excellence, and our Boat Canvas Waterproofing Treatment is no exception. Join the league of boating enthusiasts who trust Chic Marine to provide top-notch marine care solutions. With our treatment, you're not just waterproofing your boat cover – you're fortifying it against the elements.

Keep your boat cover in peak condition with Chic Marine. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a waterproof, weather-resistant boat cover. Order now and enjoy worry-free voyages, knowing that Chic Marine has your boat's protection at heart.

Elevate your boating experience – explore the best in boat cover waterproofing with Chic Marine's Boat Canvas Waterproofing Treatment.


How to waterproof boat canvas

  1. Clean the canvas with a soft soap such the Chic Marine boat soat.
  2. Wait until the canvas are fully dry.
  3. Protect the plastic windows or swipe the waterproofing from them before the waterproofing is drying.
  4. Use a garden sprayer or a bottle with a sprayer.
  5. Spray on the canvas thoroughly.
  6. Rub the canvas with a dry towel. The waterproofing must penetrate the fabric.
  7. Let the canvas drying at least 6 hours.

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