Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover

Experience professional-grade oxidation removal with Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover. Our advanced boat ultra cut rubbing compound effectively removes oxidation, restoring your boat's shine and luster. Made for industry experts, this scientifically formulated product guarantees results, leaving your boat looking like new.

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Chic Marine Ultra Cut Rubbing Compound: The Ultimate Oxidation Remover

The Chic Marine Ultra Cut Rubbing Compound stands as a paramount solution for eradicating stubborn oxidation from boat gel coat surfaces. Crafted with precision and fortified with pure white aluminum oxide, this compound boasts unparalleled abrasive prowess, making it exceptionally effective in restoring the gel coat's original brilliance. The pure white aluminum oxide particles work vigorously to break down even the toughest oxidation layers, unveiling a smooth and glossy surface beneath.

What sets the Chic Marine Ultra Cut Rubbing Compound apart is its versatility, as it is suitable for use on any fiberglass color. Regardless of your boat's hue, this oxidation remover ensures consistent and remarkable results. Whether your boat's gel coat exhibits moderate or severe oxidation, this compound rises to the challenge, rejuvenating the surface and leaving it with a renewed luster.

In conclusion, the Chic Marine Ultra Cut Rubbing Compound represents the pinnacle of oxidation removal for boat gel coat surfaces. Its formulation with pure white aluminum oxide, combined with its compatibility with any fiberglass color, makes it the ideal choice for tackling heavy oxidation and revitalizing your boat's appearance with ease and effectiveness. Trust in the Chic Marine Ultra Cut Rubbing Compound to breathe new life into your boat, restoring its shine and enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.


Using Chic Marine Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover with a Polisher

Removing heavy oxidation from a boat's gel coat can be a challenging task, but with the right products and techniques, it's entirely manageable. The Chic Marine Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover is specifically designed to tackle tough oxidation, restoring the gel coat's shine and luster. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it with a polisher:

  1. Preparation:
    • Before you begin, ensure that the boat is parked in a shaded area or indoors to prevent the product from drying out too quickly in direct sunlight.
    • Clean the boat's surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or loose contaminants that may interfere with the oxidation removal process. Use a boat wash or mild detergent and rinse the surface with water.
  2. Apply the Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover:
    • Shake the bottle of Chic Marine Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover well to ensure proper mixing of the product.
    • Apply a small amount of the oxidation remover onto the surface of the boat gel coat. You can either apply it directly onto the gel coat or onto a foam cutting pad attached to a polisher.
    • Start with a small section of the boat's surface to test the product and ensure it achieves the desired results. If necessary, you can adjust the amount of product and pressure applied to achieve optimal results.
  3. Polish with a Dual Action Polisher:
    • Attach a cutting or compounding foam pad to a dual action polisher. These pads are specifically designed to remove heavy oxidation and restore the gel coat's shine.
    • Turn on the polisher and set it to a low to medium speed setting, depending on the severity of the oxidation. Begin working the oxidation remover into the gel coat using overlapping passes, applying moderate pressure.
    • Work methodically, focusing on one section of the boat at a time. Continue polishing until the oxidation remover breaks down and the gel coat starts to regain its shine.
    • As you work, periodically check the progress and wipe away any excess product with a clean microfiber towel.
  4. Rinse and Inspect:
    • Once you've treated the entire boat surface, rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue from the oxidation remover.
    • Inspect the gel coat to ensure that all traces of oxidation have been removed and the surface is restored to a smooth, glossy finish. If necessary, you can repeat the process in areas with stubborn oxidation.
    • After completing the oxidation removal process, consider applying a protective wax or sealant to the gel coat to prevent future oxidation and maintain its shine.

By following these steps and using the Chic Marine Ultra Cut Oxidation Remover with a polisher, you can effectively remove heavy oxidation from your boat's gel coat, restoring its appearance and protecting it against further damage.

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