Boat Seat Cleaner

Keep your boat seats looking brand new with our Boat Seat Cleaner! This specially formulated cleaner is perfect for vinyl, upholstery, and leather surfaces, effortlessly removing dirt, grime, and stains. Preserve the beauty of your boat with this must-have cleaning product. Try the all-in-one kit. Our top seller in North America!

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Discover the Ultimate Leather and Vinyl Cleaner: Your Trusted Cleaning Companion

When it comes to taking care of your leather and vinyl possessions, having a dependable and effective cleaner is crucial. That's where our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner shines, and it's no wonder it's become a top seller in North America. Whether you're tending to your boat seats, car seats, or beloved sofas, this product is your best bet.

What Makes Our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner Stand Out?

Our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner boasts a unique formula that not only cleans but also rejuvenates and nurtures your leather and vinyl surfaces. It goes beyond the ordinary, breathing new life into your worn-out materials and giving them a fresh, vibrant appearance.

Why Opt for Our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner?

  • Unmatched Cleaning Power: This cleaner effortlessly tackles dirt, grime, stains, and even those stubborn marks that seem impossible to remove, leaving your leather and vinyl looking as good as new.
  • Versatility: It's not limited to just car seats and sofas; it's the ideal choice for boat seats too. Its gentle yet potent formula is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Protection and Longevity: Our cleaner doesn't stop at cleaning; it also forms a protective shield against future damage, including UV rays and spills.
  • Sustained Brilliance: With regular use, our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner ensures that your surfaces maintain their shine and supple feel for years to come.

The Dynamic Duo: Cleaner and Nanofiber Cleaning Brush

For an even more remarkable cleaning experience, pair our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner with our Nanofiber Cleaning Brush. This brush is thoughtfully designed to complement our cleaner, boosting its effectiveness while reducing your cleaning effort. Its nanofiber technology gets into every tiny crevice, ensuring no dirt or grime remains.

Why This Combination is a Game-Changer:

  • Effortless Cleaning: The brush's ergonomic design makes it a cinch to reach every nook and cranny, making your cleaning process a breeze.
  • Quicker Results: When used in conjunction with our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner, the nanofiber brush speeds up the cleaning process, saving you valuable time.
  • Durability: Built to last, the brush ensures you get the most out of your investment.

In conclusion, our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner isn't just a cleaning solution; it's a pledge of quality, endurance, and efficiency. Discover the difference for yourself and join the ranks of satisfied customers who have made it a top seller in North America. When you pair it with our Nanofiber Cleaning Brush, you unlock the ultimate cleaning experience for your leather and vinyl treasures. Embrace cleanliness, safeguard your investments, and enjoy lasting shine with our outstanding products.


Simply spray and swipe with a clean towel!

Get best result with the Chic Marine Nanofiber Brush. This little brush make miracles when combined with our best cleaner!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Daniel Martinez
Perfect result with the brush

It's not a magic eraser. It's a soft brush.

Ava Davis
What a clean up!

My boat look new!

Emma Martinez
Nanofiber brush

I love the little brush

Liam Thompson
Best kit I ever tried

Can't wait for trying more products

Joseph Taylor
Protector 100% natural

I can feel the lanolin in the protector