Pink Stains Boat Seats Remover - Chic Marine
Vinyl Pink Stains Remover - Chic Marine
Vinyl Pink Stains Remover - Chic Marine
Pink Stains Boat Seats Remover - Chic Marine
Pink Stains Boat Seats Remover - Chic Marine
Pink Stains Boat Seats Remover - Chic Marine
Pink Stains Boat Seats Remover - Chic Marine
Pink Stains Boat Seats Remover - Chic Marine

Pink Mold Boat Seats

Introducing our Pink Stain Removal Treatment, engineered to completely eliminate mold stains from boat vinyl seats. Unlike products that merely mask or conceal stains, ours penetrates deeply, effectively eradicating streptoverticillium reticulum mold without compromise. Trust in our solution to restore your seats to their original, stain-free state, preserving their integrity for a pristine boating experience. Also effective for purple, orange and black spots. 

2oz (60g) can treat 1 square feet (25 to 50 pink/purple spots) 
8oz (236g) can treat 4 square feet (100 to 200 pink/purple spots) 

The treatment is activated by the sun's rays. Wait for a full sunny day before treating.
For indoor treatment, please consider the Chic Marine UVB lamp

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Size: 2 oz (60g)

2 oz (60g)
8 oz (236g)
0.35 oz (10g) Sample
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Full Description

Keep the pink mold away from your boat seats

Introducing our revolutionary Vinyl Pink Stains Remover Treatment – the ultimate solution to combat unsightly pink stains caused by the bacteria Streptoverticillium Reticulum. Say goodbye to the frustration of pink discoloration on your boat seats and upholstery.

Streptoverticillium Reticulum, commonly causing pink stains, can diminish your boat's vinyl surfaces. But fear not – our advanced formula is designed to target and eliminate these stubborn stains, restoring your vessel's elegance.

Recognizing affected boat seats is simple. If you've noticed pinkish blotches on your vinyl surfaces, chances are Streptoverticillium Reticulum is at play. Don't let these stains mar your boat's beauty – our Vinyl Pink Stains Remover Treatment is here to rescue your investment.

What's more, our treatment works in harmony with UV rays. When combined, they amplify the stain-fighting power, ensuring your boat seats regain their pristine appearance. Effortlessly apply the treatment, let it work its magic, and witness the pink stains vanish.

Regular cleaning products often fall short against Streptoverticillium Reticulum, but our specialized treatment is formulated to succeed where others fail. It's time to take back control of your boat's aesthetic appeal and regain the confidence that comes with spotless, immaculate vinyl surfaces.

With Chic Marine's Vinyl Pink Stains Remover Treatment, you're not just cleaning – you're preserving your boat's allure. Join countless boat enthusiasts who trust our products to enhance their boating experience.

Keep the pink away and embrace the joy of boating without the eyesore of pink stains. Elevate your vessel's appearance today with our Vinyl Pink Stains Remover Treatment. Bid farewell to Streptoverticillium Reticulum and welcome back the pristine charm of your boat's vinyl surfaces. Order now and enjoy a stain-free journey on the water.


The best solution is the combination of the Chic Marine Pink Stain Treatment Cream and the UVB rays provided by the sun. Therefore, the stains must be reachable by the sun’s ray.

  1. Wait for sunny day
  2. Removes canvas
  3. Apply the cream on the stains by rubbing gently
  4. Do not rub until the cream fully penetrated the vinyl (keep the vinyl creamy)
  5. Let the sun work for a full day
  6. Clean with a wet cloth
  7. Repeat the treatment if the stains are not fully gone

To treat indoors or on areas inaccessible to sunlight, please consider our UVB lamp. Follow this link:

Customer Reviews

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It worked, did an excellent job.

Paul Campbell (Wildwood, US)
Work perfectly

I recommended this product to my marina

Sophie Carter (Greensboro, US)
Thank you!

Highly recommended

Julie Hall (Miami, US)
Nice result

Work very good

Benjamin Collins

Thank youuuuu!