Best protector conditioner for leather & vinyl

The secret of the best leather conditioner

What makes a leather and vinyl conditioner stand out? What are the key ingredients that allow the product to moisturize, soften and protect leather and vinyl? This article will answer all his questions!

First of all, the objectives of a conditioner are :

  1. Moisturize (preserve texture, softness and shine)
  2. To soften (to preserve the flexibility of the material in order to avoid premature tearing)
  3. Protect (protect against stains and UV rays)

A good conditioner will contain several ingredients that for the most part are 100% natural. Here are the main ingredients:


Lanolin is not rare in leather conditioners. It is found in most leather and vinyl products. It is a fat obtained from sheep's wool. Its moisturizing power is long lasting and it is a 100% natural product.

Mink oil

This 100% natural oil is known for its softening power. This product of animal origin is slightly more expensive than lanolin.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is frequently used in cosmetic and hygienic products. Indeed, it is a natural and odorless oil which allows to nourish leathers in order to preserve their flexibility.


This product is a UV stabilizer. It prevents photo degradation. It is effective in protecting leather, but also polymers such as vinyl. It is found in nature, but can also be made synthetically.

Silicone oil

This product is designed to seal and protect leather and vinyl. A thin layer provides long-lasting protection and facilitates cleaning.

Mineral oil

This oil adds a touch of luster while contributing to the softening of the material.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil, known as Tea Tree Oil, is a natural oil that can kill the bacteria that causes mold and mildew and protect against the growth of mold.

Hopefully this article has enlightened you on leather and vinyl conditioners. At Chic Marine we have nothing to hide. We pride ourselves on using natural products to create the best leather conditioner and protector on the market. Also, you'll love the pina colada smell!