Plastic Window Isinglass Restorer

Revitalize and protect your windows with our plastic window isinglass restorer. Specially formulated to erase scratches, remove cloudiness, and restore clarity, this solution brings back the brilliance of your windows. The easy-to-use application provides long-lasting UV protection, ensuring your windows stay crystal clear while preventing further damage. Elevate the look of your space with our plastic window restorer, the ultimate solution for transparency and lasting beauty.
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17 fl oz
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The Best Plastic Window Restorer

Discover the transformative power of our Plastic Window Restorer – the ultimate solution for rejuvenating foggy, sun-stained, and scratched plastic windows. Regain crystal-clear clarity, vibrant shine, and a smooth surface effortlessly.

Foggy and sun-stained plastic windows can mar your view and appearance, affecting your boating, driving, or leisure experience. Our specialized restorer effectively penetrates the surface, removing cloudiness and unsightly sun stains. Say goodbye to compromised visibility and weathered windows – our solution is perfect for boat plastic windows, car plastic windows, and even gazebo windows.

What sets our Plastic Window Restorer apart is its ability to address light scratches. Alongside its foggy window revival and sun stain removal capabilities, it gently polishes away minor scratches, revealing a smoother surface that reflects light beautifully.

Experience the ease of application and the remarkable transformation. Simply apply the restorer, let it work its magic, and witness the renewed clarity and shine unfold before your eyes. Our product is designed to effectively remove imperfections, leaving your plastic windows looking pristine.

Quality and performance are at the core of our brand. Trust in Chic Marine to deliver products that surpass your expectations. Our Plastic Window Restorer isn't just a cleaning solution – it's your key to maintaining impeccable plastic windows that enhance your surroundings.

Rediscover the joy of a clear, unobstructed view and the satisfaction of flawlessly polished windows. Order our Plastic Window Restorer today and witness the transformation as your windows regain their clarity, shine, and smoothness. Elevate your boating, driving, or leisure experience with Chic Marine's effective restoration solution.


For best results, use our buffing ball or foam pad kit. We recommend the Chic Marine polishing foam ball or the Chic Marine foam pads kit for drill.

  1. Clean the window for removing any dust
  2. Pour a bit of the product on your ball or pad
  3. Stamp the ball or pad in the window
  4. Start spinning at slow speed for spreading the product over the window
  5. Accelerate the speed and keep moving
  6. Swipe with a clean towel
  7. Always clean your plastic window with a specialized product made for plastic window

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