How to clean & protect leather couch or sofa

Cleaning and protecting a leather sofa

A leather sofa is an investment and you need to protect it to enjoy it for many years. Of course, regular maintenance is basic, but using the right products goes a long way.

Chic Marine offers a complete kit including a cleaner, a protector and a cleaning brush specially designed for leather and vinyl. Choose the best sofa cleaning kit!

The leather and vinyl cleaner

The cleaner is specially designed for leather and vinyl. It is color safe and has been tested on hundreds of types of leather. Do not experiment with a product that has never been tested on leather and vinyl. For example, an all-purpose cleaner. Whatever the product, always test on a hidden section behind the sofa.

Leather and vinyl protective conditioner

This product has two objectives. First, to moisturize the leather to preserve its flexibility and minimize the risk of cracking. Secondly, to protect the leather from the elements and facilitate its future cleaning. Chic Conditioner is made from natural ingredients like lanolin and coconut oil. The product also contains a UV protector.

The leather and vinyl cleaning brush

Chic Marine offers a unique brush on the market. The nanofiber brush is composed of thousands of small soft bristles that remove dirt without prematurely wearing out the leather. Indeed, the fine bristles are ideal for textured materials such as leather. Avoid using the magic eraser on leather at all costs. See our article dedicated to the magic eraser.

Steps for a complete treatment

1. Spray the cleaner on the surface. Do not let it dry. Start cleaning immediately. Scrub gently with the nanofiber brush. Do not force or apply pressure to the brush. Wipe with a damp cloth.

2. Pour a few drops of conditioner on the surface. Use a clean cloth and rub in. Rub gently in a circular motion. The product will penetrate the leather.

3. Clean the nanofiber brush under the tap. Let air dry.